Summer Programs

Welcome to the Turning Pointe Summer Programs 2018!

Summer at your studio

Intensive training during summer time goes hand in hand with your year round training. Those who train in the summer improve at a faster rate, which may affect their class placement in the fall. We offer summer intensives for kids age 8-18.

Summer Intensives affiliated with a professional company.

For the experience

Professional summer intensives provide students with the experience similar to a professional dance school. Students can take classes from renown and famous teachers, and future dance professionals. It is a fun experience, but It doesn’t have to be done every summer.

For a professional career

Most of big dance companies recruit talent from all over to hire the most promising dancers.

Because lots of things can happen by the time a dancer reaches mature age and advance technique such as: injuries, change of the body, loss of passion or interest, they pay attention to dancers ages 15+.

When you attend the intensives you get an idea if they are interested in you. A sure sign that a company interested in you is a scholarship for their summer program, or year-round program.

If you see you don’t have much luck with professional ballet companies but still want to work in dance field, consider college programs, there are dance scholarship as well.

Summer Registration Hours

July 1 – 2-4 pm
July 8 – 2-4 pm
July 15 – 2-4 pm

Registration deadline July 1, 2018  

Summer Ballet Intensive [PDF]

Intensive Summer Camp [PDF]

Adult Ballet [PDF]

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Payments are due before or on July 1, 2018. No refunds. Master card, Visa accepted.

Checks made to Natalya’s Turning Pointe School of Dance. $30 fee will be added to any returned checks.

For additional information please email to or call 330-854-1417.